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Taeyang - 140823 Instagram Updates!

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140823 (GYURIHello, this is Park Gyuri. i participating in the ice bucket challenge that helping people with ALS.. thanks to 2AM Changmin oppa, Sunny Hill Misung onnie, and actress son soohyun who challenged me so i able to participate in this meaningful campaign, and this become my self-reflection for myself who used to not care much about ALS. i think there are still lots of people like that, so even if it’s only one person i hope through this campaign i can help to make people to participate even if it’s only one person so it will be a meaningful campaign. instead of getting showered by ice water, i participating in becoming a donor through Seungil Hope Foundation. i hope this will become a strength to the patient. .. i hope everyone else will participate too.


140815 Seungri at AIA Now Festival

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140823 T.O.P responds to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

translations by: shrimpljy

You can learn more about ALS and donate by clicking on the following links below!

http://www.alsa.org/ (United States)
http://sihope.or.kr/ (South Korea)

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